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Feldspar comprises a group of minerals containing potassium, sodium, calcium & aluminium silicates. It is a universal flux used in all types of ceramic bodies &glaze. Feldspars are primarily used in industrial application for their alumina & alkali content. We produce both high quality sodium & potassium feldspar as per client requirement. The glass & ceramic industries are the major consumers of feldspar.
Feldspar powder
In making the body composition of several types of Ceramic, porcelain, china and earthenware and also in the preparation of glazes and enamel.
As an important ingredient in the glass sand batch.
As a bonding agent in the manufacture of bonded abrasives like wheels and discs of garnet, corundum, emery etc.
Feldspar is mainly used as bonding agent along with magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride and other synthetic glue in the manufacture of abrasives, wheels, discs and other shapes.
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