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Calcite / Calcium Carbonate As per the client's specifications, we are offering an elite range of Calcite Powder which is available in extremely high whiteness, purity and free flowing in nature. Calcium Carbonate is used as filler in Paper, Plastic and Paints industries.Calcium carbonate is known as whiting in ceramics/glazing applications, where it is used as a common ingredient for many glazes in its white powdered form. When a glaze containing this material is fired in a kiln, the whiting acts as a flux material in the glaze. Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) or Calcium Carbonate is used as filler in paper.
Soapstone Powder
PP master batches, Automotive and Furniture compounds.
LDPE masterbatches.
Rigid PVC Pipes.
Leather Cloth Industry.
Paints, Inks, Powder Coating and Ceramic Industry.
Rubber Industry.
As a flux in Glass Industry and in sizing of Textile goods.
Calcite/ Lime Stone (Calcium Carbonate) Powder
Micronised (very fine ground ) Calcite is exceptionally white natural calcium carbonate (CaCo3), the most widely used filler in plastic and paint indyustries. Il has low plasticizer absorption and hence can provide higher degree of loading , the result is unmatched economies in manufavturing.
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